Some people are considered lucky persons. But is there such a thing as being a lucky person? Is it possible to be born as a lucky bastard? Does a luck gen exist? And if so, does this mean that some are meant to be unlucky? Or, and that’s what I rather believe, do we all have the chance to influence the small things in life; small things that can become big?

Right place at the right time

Some people say that being lucky has to do with being in the right place at the right time. But how do you determine the right place and the right time? It requires dream awareness. Still too many people seem to be dreaming for the sake of dreaming without a goal in mind. Besides having a dream some skills are required; the skills to look around and the empathy to feel when the right-time-right-place thing reveals itself.

Dare to share

There’s not such a thing as a map that indicates the right place. But there’s a concept that helps you to draw the map and timeline to luck yourself. The concept is to share your dreams with anyone who means something to you or might be meaningful in realizing them. The architect of this two-way approach is Robert Bernink, CEO Q-Music, the Netherlands. Too often people only share their dreams on a professional level and forget to include their friends. While friends know you best and make the most valuable consultants you can wish for. The other group is the ones that keep on fantasising without involving professional relations. Those romantic dreamers might end up being disappointed. If you want your dreams to come true, you should do both. Share your dreams with those who mean something to you and those who might mean something. Dream big, share big! Luck might be just around the corner.

The extra mile

Sharing my dreams brought me that brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 2 in which I pursued my first love trip. Some say, probably because of that Porsche, that I’m a lucky bastard. However, my trip or dream didn’t come as easy as expected. But I guess I was lucky again! I found the third lesson in the booklet that came with the Porsche. It made me remember what it takes. Encouraged me to take the extra mile. To go all the way. Who said it would come easily?

Whatever we fight for or against, nothing is achieved without passion, grit and determination. Ferry Porsche gave everything for the sports car of his dreams. His dream came true. Not because he hesitated, dwelled or got lucky. Because he went that extra mile.

3 step approach to getting lucky

  1. Know what you want
  2. Share your dreams
  3. Go all the way

Researchers think that genetics might influence happiness. However, happiness is not the same as being lucky. I’m positive that lucky persons have, disregarding their genes, a better chance of experiencing happiness. The 3 step luck approach is your ticket to happiness.

Robert Bernink on stage in Amsterdam about sharing dreams
Robert Bernink on stage in Amsterdam about sharing dreams