I’m about to take off for my first journey. One of 25 in total. That’s if I don’t consider my first journey a test ride. And of that I am not so sure yet. I guess you can compare my first journey with that first kiss. Only after you have tasted those lips, you know – or feel – if there are more kisses to follow.

Follow my heart

My first journey is maybe like that first kiss. You can have everything planned and scheduled; still it’s not a guarantee. So, instead of planning and scheduling, I have decided to follow my heart and to just give it a go. To go for that first kiss and experience the feeling. Slowly. Step by step. And if that first kiss doesn’t taste as sweat as it was promising, I probably will kiss again before really getting started. Getting started with those 50 weeks in which I want to travel 25 countries. No rush. Because so true, you can’t hurry love!

You can’t prepare for that very first kiss

First I thought I wanted to go by plane. But then I decided to really turn things around. To fly into this project the way I flew into my first kiss. Inexperienced and unprepared. Because after all, there is no way to prepare for that very first one. So here I am, unprepared and with only some more nights before take off, I still don’t know where I am going.

Where do I go?

I want my first trip to become as memorable as that very first kiss. Therefor I want to ask my friends – that’s you – to guide me. I have 3 days and 2 nights planned (I know that’s not enough). I have a Porsche Carrera 2 ready to go (which hopefully will make up for my tide planning). My question? Where do I go? Where do we go from here?

Do you guide me on my love trip?

I would love you to guide me on my first trip; to leave a reply and tell me which country or city you would visit first. I will be leaving on Friday morning from Porsche Centrum Leusden, the Netherlands. I have to be back Sunday evening. I would love to be nice to my body and to have some time to really study love while away. So let’s say, keep it within a distance of maximum 800 kilometers from Leusden. Looking forward to your reply; to your travel – or love – advise.