I’m about to go. Ready for my first love trip. Well at least I’ve packed. More or less. It feels that it doesn’t matter. Most important is my excitement. Intangible, but worth a million dollars! It partly has to do with my destination. The involvement of friends makes me walking on sunshine. And yes, my means of transportation, certainly have to do with it as well. My brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 2 in the most amazing color.

Where am I going

Germany it is. Why? Because of the roots of my car. But also because you are sending me here (see previous blog). And I’m happy with it. Especially from the point of view that it gives me the opportunity to travel with a specific question to address. The main research question of my first love trip is whether the formality of Germans is of influence in the way they flirt.

What I want to discover in Germany

First of all I just want to experience. In the end, isn’t that what’s love is all about? Secondly I want to see how love looks in a country where people are considered to be very formal. Thirdly, and that’s because of that Porsche thing, I’m all of a sudden obsessed by the boys & cars thing. Now that it’s mine, I might even change my research question to girls & cars. Yes, I’m admitting it, not even ashamed of it: I’m in love! Which makes pop-up another research question. What’s that love thing with people and brands? Can I compare my girls & cars love with the feelings that I cherish for my Mr. Wonderful? How does it come that Coca-Cola (yes, I have one with me for the road) has recently changed the composition of Coca-Cola Life, which I hate as I like the original green one, but that it doesn’t upset me?!

What’s love got to do with it

Help. I’m not even on the road and I already have a list of research questions. For now, I think I’m just going to write them down. I just don’t know whether I want to address them all at once. Compare it with that first kiss. It might lead to a night full of everything. That’s up to you. Like you can also decide not to give it all away at once. Me? I take it slowly. I will follow my feelings. Go with the flow.

  • Germans are called formal. Is this of influence on the way they flirt? And if so, how?
  • What’s that cars & boys thing? Can it be compared with girls & boys? And if so, is there such a thing as cars & girls.
  • Thirdly, what is the thing with love brands. Brands you come up for and forgive, no matter what.

Thanks Porsche Centrum Leusden for embracing the uncommon and make my dream come true.