Are you a lucky bastard?

Some people are considered lucky persons. But is there such a thing as being a lucky person? Is it possible to be born as a lucky bastard? Does a luck gen exist? And if so, does this mean that some … Read More

You’ve got to love yourself

Friday, May 20. On the go. A few hours later than planned and overexcited. Going on a trip I have been dreaming of for months. Hamburg it is. Why? Just following my heart. What I don’t know yet, is that … Read More

Ready for my first love trip

I’m about to go. Ready for my first love trip. Well at least I’ve packed. More or less. It feels that it doesn’t matter. Most important is my excitement. Intangible, but worth a million dollars! It partly has to do … Read More

Where do I go from here?

I’m about to take off for my first journey. One of 25 in total. That’s if I don’t consider my first journey a test ride. And of that I am not so sure yet. I guess you can compare my … Read More